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THE TOP-Energy® Team

TOP-Energy® has been continuously developed for over 20 years. The focus is on great user-friendliness, good performance, and intuitively usable tools for comparison, optimization, and convenient evaluation. The software offering a wide range of possibilities will also be expanded in the future with new components for your individual needs.

The development of the software is driven by a highly trained team of energy and process engineers, software and modeling experts with mathematical and scientific backgrounds, and cultural and economic scientists. The software developers in particular perfect the usability of TOP-Energy® in regular iterations. The technical editorial service documents the details of the software for you in an appealing and comprehensible documentation.

“We are always faced with new challenges arising from constantly changing conditions, so we are always engaged in the issues of tomorrow,” says Dr. Stefan Kirschbaum, head of the Graphing research area at GFaI.

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