TOP-Energy® for
Energy Suppliers

Transforming Energy Systems

Decarbonization transforms heat and electricity supply in all sectors of the economy.

In order to ensure a smooth transition to a post-fossil economic system, generation plants and consumers must be intelligently interconnected. TOP-Energy® enables you to digitally map comprehensive and intelligent concepts for a decentralized, climate-neutral and demand-based energy supply.

You can easily and intuitively simulate your energy system, vary operating conditions, or examine the influence of time-dependent input parameters. By simulating different scenarios, you will find the best solution for expanding your energy system. With the optimization tools implemented in TOP-Energy® you can also calculate the best mode of operation for your existing supply systems. Thus, you will find the optimum for energy forms such as electricity, heat, cooling, steam, or compressed air.

Your Advantages
with TOP-Energy®


Over 130 different components from the fields of electricity, heating, cooling, steam, and compressed air.

Recognizing Potentials

By visualizing the energy flows, you can identify potential for energy efficiency improvements.


Compare a variety of solutions technically and economically with little effort.