TOP-Energy® 3.2
Your Energy System Optimization Software

Modeling, Simulating, and Optimizing Energy Systems

TOP-Energy® analyzes and evaluates complex energy systems. The comparison of different variants enables efficiency increases, reveals savings potential, and supports investment decisions.

With TOP-Energy®, you can model any energy system. A library of over 200 components from the electricity, heating, cooling, steam, compressed air, and mobility sectors is included. Ecological, economic, and primary energy optimizations reveal the perfect operation of your system. With variant comparisons, structural optimizations, and sensitivity analyses, you will find the best technology and the optimal plant sizes.

When planning energy systems, e.g., for neighborhoods, the combination of renewable and conventional energy producers from different sectors offers great potential, but also cross-influences that are difficult to control. At the latest, when operating strategies for storage systems are added, the possibilities of Excel tools or calculation with standards and rough estimates are exhausted. Then TOP-Energy® will help.

TOP-Energy® supports energy suppliers, engineering offices, power plant operators, and universities in mastering the major challenges of the future, which result from high ecological demands, complex legal requirements, and the premise of reducing costs. The software has been a reliable partner for planners and developers for many years. With its convenient and easy-to-use interface, TOP-Energy® allows even the most complex systems to be optimized in their design and operation.

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The TOP-Energy® Team

TOP-Energy® has been continuously developed for over 20 years.

The focus is on great user-friendliness, good performance, and intuitively usable tools for comparison, optimization, and convenient evaluation. The software offering a wide range of possibilities will also be expanded in the future with new components for your individual needs.

The development of the software is driven by a highly trained team of energy and process engineers, software experts, mathematicians, economists, and other scientists. TOP-Energy® is continuously perfected in an agile software development process with intensive testing. The technical editorial service clearly documents the details of the software for you.

“We are always faced with new challenges arising from constantly changing conditions, so we are always already engaged in the issues of tomorrow,” says Dr. Stefan Kirschbaum, head of the Graphing research division at GFaI.

Testimonials From
Some of Our Customers

Together with GFaI and the TOP-Energy software, we created and evaluated energy concepts for our new factory halls. The quick, competent workflow and the traceable results convinced us and lead to a well-grounded decision, with which we are able to minimize our operating expenses and CO2-emissions. Again anytime. 

Uwe Bau
Research Instruments

Together with Bayer, a concept for the future energy and medium supply of the berlin site was designed in 2021. The solution, generated in TOP-Energy, features lower operating costs as well as lower CO2-emissions. It was developed in close cooperation between GFaI and Bayer.

Bayer AG