TOP-Energy® – Your Software for Energy System Optimization

Your Tool of Choice for Evaluation and Optimization of Energy Systems

With TOP-Energy® you create tailor-made energy concepts for your individual needs.

The intuitively operable simulation software enables you to model supply structures of electricity, heat, cold, steam, and compressed air. The inventory includes a large number of components. You easily interconnect energy generators, storage units, and consumers from different sectors. This provides a holistic view of the energy system.

Dynamic simulations allow economic, ecological, and energetic analyses for various scenarios. For example, you can include the influence of energy price developments or location-dependent weather conditions into your investment decision.

Variants of the energy system can be conveniently evaluated and compared at the click of a mouse. Even energy-related special cases and your own innovative ideas can be modeled with little effort, since a lot of emphasis was placed on adaptability and extensibility during the development of the software.

with TOP-Energy®

Discover Potentials

Ecological and economic assessment of investments and new business fields

Optimal Mode of Operation

Best possible operation of your energy system with consideration of time-dependent parameters

Customized Solutions

Customized energy concepts for your needs

Outline the Energy Flow

The visualization of energy flows illustrates the potential for energy efficiency improvements


Integrated Solvers find the economical, ecological, or energetic optimum


For common cases you benefit from included project templates and save time

of TOP-Energy®

Saving Time

Quick and easy creation of energy- and residential area concepts


Simple and clear representation of complex generation and consumption structures

Open Models

Insight into all systems of equations and the possibility to program components independently


More than 130 different components from the fields of electricity, heating, cooling, steam, and compressed air


Visualization of sector coupling with combination of renewable and conventional energy generation


Compare a variety of solutions technically and economically with little effort

Testimonials From
Some of Our Customers

Together with GFaI and the TOP-Energy software, we created and evaluated energy concepts for our new factory halls. The quick, competent workflow and the traceable results convinced us and lead to a well-grounded decision, with which we are able to minimize our operating expenses and CO2-emissions. Again anytime. 

Uwe Bau
Research Instruments

Together with Bayer, a concept for the future energy and medium supply of the berlin site was designed in 2021. The solution, generated in TOP-Energy, features lower operating costs as well as lower CO2-emissions. It was developed in close cooperation between GFaI and Bayer.

Bayer AG

Your Tool for a Sustainable and
Future-Oriented Energy Concept