TOP-Energy® in
Teaching and Research

Understanding Energy Systems Better

For many years, TOP-Energy® has been successfully used in various universities and institutions of applied research.

Complex energy systems can be instantly modeled. Aspects of the energy transition such as sector coupling, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and security of supply can be considered holistically.

As a simulation software, TOP-Energy® offers on one hand, the thermodynamic depth to describe complicated energy-related problems. On the other hand, the flowchart simulator ensures intuitive and quick access. As a result supply concepts for entire municipalities or industrial parks can be examined and optimized despite the tight time frame of final theses or computer internships.

Open model descriptions enable the creation of own components and the development of new, innovative systems. There are no limits for the flexible processing of your research questions with which you can solve the problems of tomorrow!

Your Advantages
with TOP-Energy®

Open Models

Insight into all systems of equations and possibility to program own components


Integrated Solvers find the economic, ecological, or energetic optimum


Visualization of sector coupling with combination of renewable and conventional energy generation