TOP-Energy® for
Municipal Energy Planner

Optimize Municipal Energy Planning

Master a comprehensive and coordinated approach, considering technical, financial, social, and political aspects.

The energy systems of cities and districts are highly complex as they encompass various energy sources, consumers, and infrastructures. Moreover, seamlessly integrating renewable sources into the existing energy system requires careful planning and coordination, while financial barriers can hinder implementation.

Our software, TOP-Energy®, enables a comprehensive analysis of a city's energy systems. The digital twin captures and aggregates data on energy consumption, renewable energy sources, infrastructure, and more—providing a complete picture of the entire energy situation in a neighborhood. The clear presentation of models and results allows the involvement of all stakeholders in a decarbonization project and enables a quick assessment of new technologies.

The software also assists energy planners in developing and optimizing long-term decarbonization scenarios. These plans take into account the specific goals of the community and help to reduce CO2 emissions through affordable investments. A well-founded cost-benefit analysis for proposed projects and investments helps energy planners to choose economically viable solutions.

Your Advantages
with TOP-Energy®

Discover potentials

Targeted and effective implementation of energy projects that offer both ecological and economic benefits for the community


Municipal energy systems can always be adjusted to the changing needs of citizens and fluctuating financial sources while easily comparing different variants

Time Savings

Complex analyses are conducted more quickly, data are processed more efficiently, and tailor-made solutions are developed promptly