User days from January 21 to 22, 2021

The user days in January impressively demonstrated that TOP-Energy is the proven standard solution for energy system optimization issues. Whether in the beverage industry, in a chemical park, or at an airport – TOP-Energy is successfully used in all areas where energy supply optimization is involved. The software is used at universities, in energy consulting, in municipalities, and in industrial and commercial enterprises. It is used for the analysis, planning, and operational optimization of energy systems, e.g., for production plants, neighborhoods and electric vehicle fleets. The high number of components and the associated broad spectrum of application areas of TOP-Energy represent an outstanding unique selling point of the software.

The TOP-Energy user days held online by GFaI and magis for an expert audience on January 21 and 22, 2021 were successful in every respect. The users had the opportunity to get to know the TOP-Energy team and to enter into direct exchange with the developers. The great interest of the 81 participants in total was reflected not only in the consistently high number of listeners to the presentations, but also in the active participation in the discussions. In their presentations, Simone Zimmermann from EnBW, Tobias Schoske from Viessmann Deutschland, Oliver Huber from the company for energy optimization theneo from Ruhpolding, and Kai Ewert from GTK mbH (Schwerin based company for regional participation and climate protection) illustrated the broad field of application of TOP-Energy. It became clear that TOP-Energy 3.0 brings many welcome simplifications in the areas of application shown.

Mathias Thanscheidt gave a presentation on the challenges of the energy transition for chemical parks of Currenta and the use of a TOP-Energy web front end in the dispatching process of power plant dispatching. Dr. Stefan Kirschbaum showed how such a TOP-Energy cockpit developed for real-time optimization works and what alternative solutions are possible for integrating TOP-Energy into a customer-specific environment. Elias Siehler and Miriam Feil demonstrated a digital twin created with TOP-Energy as a future design for the energy system of Stuttgart airport.

The energy issues of the future are becoming increasingly complex. GFaI and its partners dedicate important research and service projects to the development of adequate software. On the one hand, this involves the optimization of software through new mathematical methods and, on the other hand, the exploitation of further areas of application, taking into account current and future technical and social developments. The new functions of TOP-Energy 3.0 for optimizing self-consumption and the generation of green hydrogen which were convincingly presented by GFaI scientists Marion Powilleit and Joram Wasserfall at the user days also point in this direction.

from: GFaI information 1/2021 (in print)

Distribution of TOP-Energy® now directly by GFaI

From now on, the Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science (Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik – GFaI) is responsible for the sales and distribution of the software TOP-Energy. The GFaI sales team now answers all questions about software and services. We look forward to getting in contact with you, advising you, and successfully implementing your projects. We would like to take this opportunity to thank magis consult GmbH for the successful and trusting cooperation.